Loewen Stalk Stryker
Loewen Stalk Stryker™ II STALK STRYKER™ II
Gearbox Mounted

The Stalk Stryker™ II has a 10” wide skid made of the same abrasion resistant steel as the original, engineered to handle tough corn stalks. This unit features a heavy duty torsion spring that applies consistent down pressure to knock those tough stalks to the ground. The compact design with an internal spring limiter helps reduce trash buildup and entanglement. This new Stalk Stryker™ offers easier installation with direct bolt-on to the OEM gearbox mounts.

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Loewen Stalk Stryker™ STALK STRYKER™
Superior Tire Protection

Loewen Mfg's Stalk Stryker™ levels corn stalks ahead of your combine. They force the corn stubble to the ground before it has a chance to puncture or cause wear to your tires or tracks.

Made from abrasion resistant steel, this 10" wide shoe assembly is designed to protect your tire/tracks from stalks and other field debris. The Stalk Stryker™ has 8 points of angle/height adjustment to meet your field demands. The shoe assembly has a single pin mounting system for quick and easy removal and can be fitted with a poly liner for better performance in muddy conditions. Stalk Styker™ can be mounted to Case-IH, Drago, Geringhoff, New Holland and John Deere corn heads.

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  Stalk Styker™ Torsion Spring & Limiter Bar   Stalk Styker™ Adjustment Bracket
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Torsion Spring & Limiter Bar

Shoe assembly comes with a torsion spring for more consistent down pressure. The solid limiter bar reduces residue entanglement and trash buildup.
  8 Point Adjustment Bracket

The adjustment bracket allows for eight points of angle/height positioning. With the adjustment bracket you can fine tune your your setup for exact down pressure and header height needs.
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